Activities , Hiking , Leisure Solre le Château near Val Joly ( 59 North of France )

Many activities await you in Solre le Château, in the tourist resort of Val Joly and the Regional Natural Park of Avesnois . Discover a magnificent region by browsing through the various paths through the park on foot, by bike or on horseback , There are many hiking trails in the vicinity of our B&B’s in Solre Le Château.

Hiking in the natural park of Avesnois

Hiking Solre -Le- Château  foot North avesnois

The circuit wood Groëz to Solre Castle has two golf 6 and 12.5
kilometers through the woods and villages of the region Avesnes ,Randonnées Solre le Château près du Val Joly (nord 59)
with their lovely old blue stone houses , the course is 6 km best suited for families.

Hiking trails ValJoly Park ( 59 North )

Hiking around the lake Valjoly has three routes : 4, 17 and 21 km. The course 4 km is ideal for families , it can discover the fauna and flora of the region, an accompanying booklet published by the Regional Natural Park of Avesnois is available to enjoy an educational walk . Routes 17 and 21 km are for people more accustomed to walking. Hiking Park Val Joly is not a simple path around a lake , it is a discovery of the village and its history.

Mountain biking in the natural park of Avesnois

Mountain bike Solre Le Château

The “circuit Solre” is a fairway all year round, ideal for a family VTT Solre le Château près du Val Joly
outing to walk through the woods and groves of Avesnes.
The course is accessible to all, even though some passages are
too delicate.

Mountain bike Val Joly (59 North)

Mountain bike trails ValJoly are open all year and is open to all levels. The forest setting on the edge of the lake is the site of Val Joly ideal for a family walk. There are six mountain biking from the station with multiple levels of difficulty from easy (circuit Rockets) to more difficult (Great circuit loop).

Horseback riding in the natural park of Avesnois

Circuit riding Solre Le Château

Circuit “legend wood squinchaux” lasting 5:30 is easy and very
enjoyable. From Solre Le Chateau, you will discover Randonnées-cheval-nord-avesnoison horseback beautiful landscapes typical of Avesnes, crossing the groves and glades. The 33km long course is hilly and presents no particular difficulty. Several views punctuate hiking and give a unique look at the entire region. An ideal walk to go to Belgium by very pleasant paths.

Equestrian Circuit Sars-Poteries

From Sars-Poteries, horseback riding on the circuit “through the green channel” is very unusual and promises beautiful views and private plots. Over a period of 4 hours, it must still be regarded as easy moyennent. Indeed, even if the course does not present any particular difficulty, the route leads through low around easy and streams points. After Sars-Poteries, through the ford of the hellhole you reach the wooden Groëz (be carefull, it is private). Without leaving the roads, you will continue hiking on an old railway line suitable for multi disciplines hiking, and thus come across other users. The promenade stretches for 24 km and it is recommended that you bring a bucket of water to water your horse.

Hiking buggy Solre-le-Château

Love the charm of Little Switzerland North Desire Vincent and his homme-enfant-Avesnois Buggy Evasion - Solre-le-Château.jpg
wife, Delphine Solre-le-Château offers to discover Avesnois aboard
a buggy Need to relax or change of scenery? Want to share a special
moment with family or friends? Looking for a getaway …
Learn more about cycling buggy Solre-le-Château